Sex Addiction Signs and Symptoms

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Sex Addiction Signs and SymptomsAn addict is someone who has lost the ability to control their compulsions and instead indulges in their “substance” of choice. Too often, these sufferers build a world of secrecy around their addictions where they can act on their desires. When these actions lead to a physical or emotional meltdown then it becomes an issue that needs to be confronted and dealt with. A severe sexual addiction can lead to the destruction of a marriage and family. In extreme cases, it can also lead to jail or suicide.

As with most addictions, the sex addict will go to great lengths to satisfy their urges at the expense of everyone and everything in their lives. There are some specific signs and symptoms that can be strong indicators of a person who is struggling with a sex addiction.

Beginnings of a Sex Addiction

The outset of a sex addiction often starts off with a constant stream of sexually oriented thoughts and fantasies. This is different than the occasional fantasies we might all experience. With a sex addict, these types of thoughts become the dominate action of their minds. When they begin to lose the ability to control these thoughts, it can lead to acting out which is referred to as a sexual compulsion. In many cases, a sex addict simply can’t stop doing what they know to be wrong even if it will cost them their jobs, reputations and  relationships.

A sex addict can also escalate into more hazardous types of actions. This could include high-risk sexual activity like having unprotected sex, sex with prostitutes or sex with many different partners.

Signs of a Sexual Addiction

The following are some of those red-flag indicators for a person who is struggling with a sexual addiction:

  • Compulsive  masturbation
  • Excessive viewing of pornography
  • Non-stop dating through personal or sex ads
  • Obsessive used of phone sex or webcam sex via the Internet
  • Numerous one-night stands

Sexual Addiction Complications

The complications associated with a sexual addict are related to their symptoms and actions. One of the most serious complications is an increased risk of acquiring a sexually transmitted disease such as herpes, genital warts or HIV/AIDS. If the addict is married or involved in an ongoing relationship, those diseases could be transmitted to the partner without their knowledge.

Like other addictions, a sex addict can also find themselves dealing with overwhelming feelings of shame or embarrassment. This can lead to bouts of deep depression and even suicidal thoughts.

Illegal Acts of a Sexual Addict

There are also illegal acts which can be considered symptoms of a sex addiction. These can occur when the addict seeks out more “thrills” to satisfy their lustful thoughts. Some of these illegal acts could include:

  • Exposing genitals in public
  • Public masturbation
  • Obscene phone calls
  • Engaging in sexual abuse on a minor or non-consensual partner
  • Engaging in sex for money
  • Sexually harassing others
  • Voyeurism
  • Stalking

Getting caught carrying out any of those acts can lead to arrest, jail time and being forced to register as a sex offender.

Hopefully, if you recognize any of these signs or symptoms in you or someone you love, you can take actions to get help. Calling the toll-free number on this page and asking for help is a positive first step.

Getting Sex Addiction Rehab Help

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Getting Sex Addiction Rehab Help

Many of us have “mild addictions” to things like a favorite dessert or television program. In these cases we might spend some moments preoccupied with thoughts about the next time we’ll get to enjoy that treat or watch that program. However, those thoughts aren’t controlling our lives or actions.

In the extreme cycle of any addiction, a person loses control over their urges which leads to actions that can cause harmful consequences. This is certainly the case with people who are caught up in the throes of a sexual addiction. When a person’s life has become preoccupied with thoughts of sex and seeking out physical gratification, it can have a grave impact on their career and relationships. For anyone with a sexual addiction problem, help is available at a qualified rehabilitation facility.

Benefits of a Rehab Stay for Sex Addiction

Deciding to check into a rehab center for a sexual addiction should not be considered as a “last ditch effort.” Instead, it should be embraced as a proactive step to regain control of your life. The immediate benefit of a rehab stay will be obvious — total focus on your recovery. There will be no distraction or triggers that could force you into those familiar patterns of addiction. Instead, you’ll be working directly with trained psychotherapists and counselors who will help you identify the root causes of your addiction. Once those areas have been explored, you’ll be able to develop positive coping mechanisms to help you confront your addiction head on when you return to your normal life.

The rehab environment is designed to provide a relaxing and accommodating atmosphere which is perfect for the kind of deep introspective work you’ll need to become engaged in. You’ll also find yourself working through issues with other folks who are suffering from the same addiction. Lifting the veil of shame and embarrassment can go a long way towards healing.

Beyond Sex Addiction Rehab Help

The real goal of a rehabilitation stay is to prepare you to rejoin your family and friends without the shackles of your addiction weighing you down. The positive work that is accomplished at a rehab center should fully integrate your family into the recovery process. This is especially important for a recovering sex addict and their spouse. As part of the therapy, your spouse will be invited into the sessions so you can work through issues together.  Quite often it has been found that getting help for a sexual addiction actually leads to more open lines of communication between spouses as well as a greater sense of intimacy.

After leaving a rehab center, you will be encouraged to continue your positive therapy work. You’ll be provided with information about recovery programs in your community which can become a strong source of comfort and support. You should also continue working one-on-one with a qualified therapist to make sure you are managing your impulses and urges.

Find the Sex Addiction Help You Need

As with any recovery program, the first step is asking for help. You’ll find dedicated counselors standing by at the toll-free number who can assist you with finding a rehabilitation facility for your needs.

Sex Addiction Rehab

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Sex Addiction RehabA sexual addiction can take a long time to manifest itself. It can also take an equally long time to recover from as there are no easy fixes. One thing is for certain — if you are caught up in a cycle of sexual addiction, you need professional help to break those chains.

Researching a website like this is a good way to start your recovery journey. You’ll find many articles relating to specific areas of sexual addiction and the treatment for those disorders. As you read through the resources in this article and throughout the site, it’s time to face up to some honest truths. Clearly, if there wasn’t a concern, you wouldn’t be here now.

Recognize the Symptoms of Sexual Addiction

The first step is to recognize the signs of a sexual addiction problem in yourself, your spouse or your teenager. If an addiction is allowed to take hold of a person’s life, it could lead to extremely dire consequences. A sexual addict will exhibit the follow symptoms:

  • Becoming involved with numerous sex partners
  • Cheating on a spouse
  • Engaging in sexual encounters with random strangers or prostitutes
  • Using online chat rooms or phone lines to for sexual stimulation
  • Compulsive masturbation
  • Obsessive desire to view pornography
  • Exhibitionism
  • Voyeurism
  • Molestation
  • Rape

Obviously some of these symptoms are more dangerous and extreme than others. However, if there is one thing you can count on with an addiction is that it often escalates until a person hits rock bottom, winds up in jail or does grave physical harm to themselves.

Rehabilitation and Recovery for Sexual Addiction

Help for a sex addict can be found in many professional forums. As an inpatient at a rehabilitation center, a recovering sex addict will be surrounded by trained professionals who are accustomed in handling these specific addiction issues. They’ll be introduced to therapy and behavior modification as a way of combating the compulsions which drive them to act out. Additionally, an inpatient at a rehab center will find support with other patients who are coping with their own compulsion issues.

There are many approaches to this kind of treatment including options targeted specifically to women and teenagers. You can even explore various holistic approaches to sexual addiction treatment. The inpatient rehab stay is just the first step on that long road to recovery. The treatment can continue as an enrolled outpatient of that same facility. This will allow the patient to return to the center for ongoing therapy and support.

Beyond the rehab environment, a patient needs to find assistance to help them manage through their daily lives. This can be accomplished by enrolling in various 12-step programs along with continuing therapy. A recovering addict can expect to return to a healthy sexual relationship that promotes commitment and intimacy as a result of treatment.

For additional information about sex addiction rehab, you can contact one of the counselors at the toll-free number on this page. Don’t wait until it is too late.

Do You Need Sex Rehab?

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Getting Sex Addiction Rehab HelpHave you ever asked yourself if you are preoccupied with sex? What would be the honest answer? This doesn’t mean you can’t spend some time thinking about past pleasurable experiences or project ahead to a possible future encounter. But there is a vast distinction between random thoughts and becoming preoccupied with sex.

A sexual addiction means that you’re letting your desires take over. The need to find sexual gratification is more important than anything else. Nothing can compete with having sex — not a job or spouse or anything. When you’ve reach the critical mass of a sexual addiction, it might be time to consider the kind of professional help you’ll find at a certified rehabilitation center.

Warning Signs that You Need Sex Rehab

Here’s a simple assessment you should make about your sexual behavior patterns. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you keeping part of your sex life secret? This applies to someone who is engaged in sex with multiple partners. It could even mean someone who is cheating on a spouse with a mistress. If this “outside” sex life is there just for pure physical gratification, why aren’t you finding that pleasure with your own partner?
  • Are you constantly on the prowl for stimulation? This can include spending hours surfing for porn on the Internet, and buying magazines or DVDs. It can also mean cruising various adult online dating sites looking for random partners. Obsessive masturbation also figures into this equation if you are engaging in this act several times a day, every day.
  • Are you putting your relationships at risk? This comes back to the issue of infidelity or sex outside your marriage. You know that an affair could be a deal breaker yet those impulses are too hard to control which leads you right to the brink of destroying a marriage or other relationship.
  • Are you looking for dangerous sex? Dangerous sex could best be described as any sex that crosses the line of legality. If you’re hooking up with prostitutes, having sex in public, peering in your neighbors windows or taking part in multiple sex acts then you’re clearly in the danger realm of a sexual addiction.

Seeking Sex Rehab Treatment

If any of those warning signs apply to your situation, it could be time for you to take back control of your life. This can begin with a stay at a rehabilitation treatment center. As an inpatient, you will be placed in an environment that will be free of distractions — no internet use, no texting and no sexually oriented materials. This will allow you to literally “reboot” your psyche and focus on your recovery.

Sex rehab treatment will involve intensive psychotherapy sessions where you’ll be able to work directly with a private therapist. You’ll also be able to share your experiences in a group therapy setting where other patients are going through the same struggles.

Beyond this initial rehab stay, you’ll be provided with an aftercare program which will allow you to continue the productive work you’ve begun. All your problems won’t be solved within those first couple of weeks of treatment, but you could finally be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

To find out more about rehab options, call the toll-free number on this page.

Signs You May Be a Sex Addict

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Signs You May be a Sex AddictAny addiction that is left untreated can leave a wake of destruction in its path. This is especially true of a sex addiction. Even though you think you’re only “having sex,” in reality you are putting many other people are risk. Once you’ve crossed over to the addiction side, the need to fulfill your compulsions takes over. This could mean engaging in unprotected sex which puts your health and the health of your spouse at risk. It could mean seeking out a sexual encounter that is illegal which could put you behind bars. Even in a more “personal” form of addiction such as an obsession with online pornography, you can put your career, finances and other relationships at risk. You don’t need to be asking yourself, “Is it worth it?” Instead you should be asking yourself, “How can I control this behavior?”

The cycle of a sexual addiction follows a familiar pattern. Can you recognize these phases in your own behaviors?

The Sexual Notion Prelude to Addiction

This is that first sexual thought that pops into your head when some emotional trigger goes off. There could be many forms of these triggers such as a periodic bout of loneliness, depression, anger, stress or anxiety. You might run into an old girlfriend or boyfriend on Facebook that could set off a wide range of memories. The sexual notion could even be simply seeing something that stimulates you, whether that’s viewing a sex image, reading erotica or watching a romantic film. We can’t really control the fleeting thoughts that come into our brains. However, it’s what happens next that could or could not become the problem.

The Sexual Fantasy Sign of Addiction

If that sexual notion pops out of your head as quickly as it popped in, you’re on firm footing. However, if you begin to spin that notion into a more elaborate fantasy then it could take root as a form of an obsession. You’ll find that the root cause of a sexual addiction is that obsession. This begins to dominate your thoughts as you work out variations of the fantasy in your mind to the point of becoming aroused at the very idea. Again, it’s all about duration. There is nothing wrong with using sexual fantasy to enhance a consenting relationship between two adults or even to stimulate an occasional self-pleasuring moment. It’s when these thoughts occupy more and more of your time does it veer into addictive territory.

The Arranging Phase of Sex Addiction

The sex addict will quickly move on from the fantasy phase into the planning phase as they begin to work out how that can bring this fantasy to life. Even if the fantasy would involve risky behavior, it’s hard for the addict to shake it off. Their lack of compulsion control takes over and they are compelled to move forward. It’s in this phase that the addict might be cruising online personal ads for potential partners. These plans can also involve going out into environments where the sexual behavior can be engaged in, such as clubs, erotic theaters or other places where sex is offered.

The Tangible Sign of Sex Addiction

The sex addict won’t be satisfied until they can carry out the sexual act they’ve been thinking about and planning. Whatever form this takes, it fills the addict with an instant rush and sense of fulfillment. However, those thoughts are extremely fleeting.

The Regret Phase of Sex Addiction

After a sexual encounter, the addict often becomes overwhelmed with sense of shame or disgust. This can lead to abandoning contact with friends and cutting off from society at large. Unfortunately, these feelings of regret are supplanted by a repetition of the entire cycle.

If you recognize any of these signs in yourself, you should reach out for help. Counselors are standing by at the toll-free number on this page to provide information about treatment options.

Tips for Spotting Sex Addiction

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Tips for Spotting Sex AddictionLike other forms of compulsive behavioral disorders, a sexual addiction can lead to some very serious consequences. Too often people hear about a celebrity who proclaims to be a sex addict and it’s treated as a late night comic’s joke. The truth of the matter is that a sex addiction can be the cause of divorce, the demise of a family, the loss of a job and, in extreme cases, a prison sentence or sexually transmitted disease. A sex addiction problem might be hard to spot in someone else, but what about your own concerns? Are you worried you might be caught up in an addiction cycle? Take a honest appraisal of your own situation.

Spotting the Shame of Sex Addiction

As we’ve seen played out in many movies or televisions shows, guys and girls often like to boast and brag about their sexual conquests. This holds true in real life. You probably know somebody who relishes being the center of attention with their latest sexual exploits. It might seem like this person is having their own sex addiction problems, but the real indication is their attitude towards sex. If they can be open and honest about their relationships, they might just be expressing a healthy libido.

On the other hand, if you associate a level of shame or disgust with your own behavior then there might be a cause for concern. Usually these feelings crop up after the act when you are awash with a strong feeling of remorse for having gone through this activity in the first place. However, those feelings don’t last long when a compulsion takes over forcing you to act out again and again.

A specific warning sign could be the use of pornography for sexual gratification. It’s one thing if you are single, but if you are involved in an intimate relationship and would prefer to masturbate to porn, it might be an indicator of an addiction issue. At the very least, there are intimacy issues that should be looked into.

Sex Addiction and a Lack of Intimacy

Sexual relationships are absolutely about physical pleasure, but they are also about making an intimate connection. Again, this doesn’t have to be the case with every sexual encounter you engage in. However, you need to look for the patterns in your experiences. Do you see everything in your life in connection to sex? Does every commercial or magazine ad set your mind spinning about fantasies or when you might be able to hook up again? Are you hiding your impulses and behavior from your spouse or partner? In other words, can you say you are being completely honest about your own thoughts and feelings? Is sex just an act you need to be constantly engaged in?

Are You at Risk for Sex Addiction?

Looking for sex is like scoring a fix. It can take you down many dark roads. You know exactly when you are crossing the line between the healthy pursuit of an adult relationship as opposed to a random one-night stand or worse. If you feel the need to engage in an activity you know to be illegal or that puts your health at risk then you need to consider talking to a professional about these urges.

Calling the toll-free number on this page will connect you to counselor who can help point you in the right direction to help you cope with this issue.

Is Someone You Love a Sex Addict?

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Sex Addict

Cravings — we all have them. These cravings could be for a piece of chocolate after a spicy meal or for a cocktail at the end of a hard week of work. For the most part, our cravings can be managed. Our world won’t end if we don’t get that chocolate or martini. Yet, for the sex addict, their cravings have a way of taking over their lives. The need to satisfy those lustful intentions is the only thing that matters. Hours and even days can be spent in the pursuit of acting out on these compulsions. Once the act is complete, there is no genuine satisfaction and the cycle of seeking out fulfillment begins all over again.

While a sex addict is locked into these patterns, their loved one is pushed aside. For the partner or spouse of a sex addict, there can be all kinds of hurt and pain generated because of this issue. The obvious first level is a growing sense of unease and mistrust. A hostile living environment is being created and you feel like you are helpless to do anything about it. First, you need to understand the nature of a sex addiction to determine if that is really what you are dealing with in your relationship.

Common Traits of a Sex Addiction

You can look for these warning signs in your partner or spouse as an indication of a possible sex addition.

  • Are they spending an inordinate amount of time looking at pornography online?
  • Are they watching a lot of pornography movies or reading sex magazines?
  • Are they spending more time isolated at home?
  • Are they going out more often for seemingly random events?
  • Are they encouraging you to become more “risky” with your sexual activity?
  • Have they been caught spying on neighbors or exposing themselves in public?
  • Have they contracted a sexually transmitted disease?
  • Do they depend on watching pornography to get aroused when intimate?

Naturally, any one of these “red flags” isn’t a guarantee that a person has become a sex addict. There can be many reasons for a sudden change in behavior or level of intimacy.

Begin the Discussion About Sex Addiction with Your Loved One

One common occurrence in a marriage is catching a spouse masturbating. Instead of looking at this as a deviant behavior or as proof you might be inadequate, you should discuss the situation. This could simply be a way for that person to find momentary release. For some couples, masturbation can be a healthy expression of their intimate relationship. What’s important is for you to be able to engage your partner in an honest and open discussion about sex. There could be some issues they have been keeping secret from you for fear of embarrassment. Again this might not mean it’s a sexual addiction, but rather a notion to explore in the private times between you.

If there seems to be a breakdown in communication then it might be time to begin work with a trained couples therapist. Working on your relationship in therapy can help reestablish those lost feelings of trust and secure the bonds.

To find out more about treatment for a sexual addiction, call the toll-free number on this page. Counselors are standing by 24/7 to provide you with information.

Sex Addiction Rehab Articles

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Sex Addiction Treatment ArticlesA sex addiction is a problem with managing behavior. In this case, that behavior involves acting out on sexual impulses. Just as it is with other forms of addictions, a sex addict will go through different phases of their addiction cycle. It begins with a craving to explore sexual fantasies through images or videos. These explorations often are combined with masturbation as a way of sexual release.

From there, the addiction cycle can lead to stepping outside of the privacy of a home and acting out these impulses in public or with other persons. In the full-blown addiction cycle, the planning and carrying out of sexual encounters take over a person’s normal routines. Of course, these are the basics. There are many other levels to an addiction cycle.

Consequences of a Sexual Addiction

The question to ask is, “How deeply has this compulsion taken root?” For a sex addict there is the compulsion to carry out their behaviors even when they know what they are doing is wrong. That sense of disgust can also trigger other substance abuse problems as the addict will seek out other forms of numbing those feelings of shame.

As a sex addict pursues their intentions, they are basically leaving everyone else in their life behind. A husband could begin a pattern of cheating on his wife. Obviously, this is going to cause major upheavals in the family dynamic especially if kids are in the picture. Often these kinds of situations can lead to separation or divorce. It is difficult to get a marriage back on track once infidelity has become an issue.

Another consequence of a sexual addiction is the involvement of high-risk behavior. Just as a drug addict is on the constant prowl for a bigger, longer lasting high the sex addict will also be seeking out ways to increase the level of thrills or excitement they might associated with a sexual encounter. This kind of acting out can lead to all kinds of trouble involving exhibitionism, child pornography, sex with a minor, prostitution or rape.

Once the law has been broken, it’s not a stretch to imagine that a sex addict could be arrested and put on trial for their offenses. If convicted, this will lead to having to register as a sex offender. Finally, there is also the increased probability of acquiring a sexually transmitted disease.

Help Is Available for Sex Addicts

Often an addict will try to quit on their own rather than seeking professional help. Sometimes this works, but more often than not it’s a recipe for relapse. Without the proper understanding and development of effective coping mechanisms, it is difficult to completely break free of an addiction.

There are many therapists across the country that are trained in this specific area of treatment. Working with these certified professionals can help put the shattered pieces of your life back together.

There are many articles and resources available on the Internet to find out more information about a sex addiction. Ultimately, reading will get you so far. When you’re ready to take the next step, call the toll-free number on this page to speak directly to a trained counselor. They can help you find the best course of treatment for your problem.

Teen Sex Addiction Treatment

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Teen Sex Addiction TreatmentAs a parent, you have the benefit of hindsight when it comes to the teenage years. You’ve been there and know what goes on. The difference is that with today’s teens they are literally bombarded by all kinds of sexual images on television and the movies. And, of course, there is the dominant presence of the Internet providing easy access to all kinds of videos and sexual images. Even with the most sophisticated filters, a smart teen can always find their way around the blocks. The real issue is to separate a normal level of curiosity about sex and a full-blown addiction.

Adolescence begins around age nine for girls and around age 11 for boys. By the time a teen has reached 12, 13 or 14, their bodies are going through significant changes as they make the transition into pubescence. This is the time when that curiosity can take hold and lead some teens to begin sexual exploration. If in these early stages there isn’t a healthy approach to sex and intimacy, an addiction cycle could take hold that might last well into adulthood.

Maturity and Teen Sex Addiction

Each teen matures at their own rate. There are many contributing factors such as their family life, school environment and peer group that can have a strong influence on how their development progresses. Depending on the circumstances, there might be the occasion when a teen will begin to experiment sexually. No matter how hard you try to prevent this from happening if a teen wants to have sex they will find a way. Some estimates have found that over 80 percent of Americans lost their virginity when they were a teenager.

Just because a teen has begun to experience sex doesn’t mean they are becoming an addict. However, it’s when you notice a demonstrable change in their behavior that you should seek out professional guidance. Is your teen spending a lot of time alone, locked in their room? Are you aware of what type of sites or searches they might be conducting online? Are they becoming more detached from the family? Are they changing the way they dress to be more proactive? Again, these could all be normal signs of a teenage development. But if you have a growing concern, there is nothing wrong with asking for help.

Talk with Your Teen About Sex

Because of the level of readily available information for a teen, it’s even more important for today’s parents to become involved early on with their questions about sex. If mom and dad have a hard time discussing these matters then it’s not a stretch to imagine that the teen will turn to the Internet or their peers to gets answers.

If you’re not sure how to approach your teen about sex or a possible sexual addiction, you can seek out the guidance of a certified sexual therapist first. They can provide you with some valuable insight into the addictive personality which might help you recognize if your teen does indeed have an issue with sexual addiction.

This therapist can also provide you with options for treatment programs to help your teen manage these issues. The last thing you want to do is ignore the problem and hope it might just go away. If you sense something is going on, it might be.

You can call the toll-free number on this page for more assistance and information about teen sex addiction treatment choices.

Sex Addiction Treatment for Women

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Sex Addiction Treatment for WomenSex addiction statistics have shown that among the genders, there are definitely more men who have been clinically diagnosed with the compulsive disorder than women. However, that’s not to say that women can’t be equally impacted by the inability to control their sexual urges. Just like with a man, a woman can spend many hours obsessing over sexual thoughts and fantasies. This can lead to them building up walls of isolation around themselves and creating fractures in their relationships. Coming to terms with the general misconception that only men can be addicted to sex can help open the door for many women who need to seek out treatment.

Misconceptions About Women Sex Addicts

One common misconception about sexual addiction for women is that it is based more around the obsession for love or an emotional bonding with a specific individual. Quite often the opposite is true where a woman will be using her sexual encounters as a way of assuming a mantle of control and quenching a thirst for power. These kinds of manifestation could have been created as a result of some form of past abuse or trauma.

A woman can just as easily become addicted to online pornography as a man could. These urges can also lead to cycles of excessive masturbation and anonymous sexual encounters. As with their male counterparts, a woman caught up in the struggles of a sexual addiction can have the same issues around intimacy and commitment to a relationship. The need to satisfy those sexual impulses can lead to an acting out in high-risk and even illegal behaviors.

Treatment Options for Women Sex Addicts

At the center of any addiction problem is a lack of confidence or self-esteem. An addicted can have deep-seeded feelings of worthlessness which contribute to the need to seek out intimacy with others. Often, these encounters only exacerbate the underlying issues of inadequacy. The same kind of effective treatment programs that work for men can also work for women. Among the options available are:

The goal is to find the right program that works for the individual woman’s needs. With either the group or individual therapy setting, a woman might be more comfortable being supported by other women. This is especially important because of the intense work that needs to be accomplished during these therapy sessions. Having men in the same room could raise the specter of judgment and recriminations which can interfere with the recovery process.

Part of a successful treatment program is being able to readjust behavior patterns to avoid the temptation of a relapse. This will require changing a woman’s attitudes towards romance, sex and intimacy. It could also mean cutting out those destructive habits which can cause a downward slide back into the addiction cycle.

If you want to find out more information about sex addiction treatment geared specifically for women, call the toll-free number on this page. Help is available around the clock.